According to an announcement on their official website, East Of The Wall will be entering the studio on May 8th to record their next full-length, The Apologist. The band will be working with Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Rosetta, Pelican), and the album is currently slated for a fall release. Also, here’s the tentative track listing:

“False Build”
“Linear Failure”
“My Favorite Society Guy”
“Precious Memories”
“The Apologist”
“Running Tab of Sweetness”
“Horseback Riding In A Bicycle World”
“A Functional Tumor”
“Nurser of Small Hurts”
“Whiskey Sipper”

This is very exciting news for various reasons. For one, it’s only been 8 months since they released Ressentiment, which was superb, so the fact that we have another album on the way so soon is awesome. Also, we can expect a different sound from this album because the current East Of The Wall was formed by two different bands (Biclops and the old East Of The Wall) coming together, and most of the material on Ressentiment was written by Biclops. This explains why they’re able to come out with a new album so soon, and it’ll be very interesting to hear what The Apologist sounds like with them all working together on it. Get excited!



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