This one is kind of special. This is my project that I’ve been working on for years, and I’ve finally got a chance to record it and make it real thanks to my good friend Tre Watson, who is producing for me. I would call the genre progressive/technical death metal, but if you want to be particular, there are other influences too. Mainly Nile, Psycroptic, Gorod, and Dying Fetus, but all of them with a more progressive and melodic/epic flair. There are evil death metal riffs, sometimes using 8 strings guitars, orchestral sections, clean vocals, you name it. Hopefully it will be amazing.

I’m working on the debut release, called Desiccation. No release date yet. All songs are written and performed by me, except for a few parts, and Tre Watson does quite a bit of guest solo work.

Here’s a tentative tracklist


01. Tomb of Time
02. Eternal Sands
03. Ynareth the Destroyer
04. Nomad
05. Wormhole Oasis
06. The Shadow Magistrate
07. Casualties of Domination
08. Conquering Worlds

Check out the facebook page of the project to listen to “Eternal Sands” and another video, and more songs will come in the near future!



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