This totally makes up for the headscratcher I took a look at yesterday. Head of Sumerian Records Ash Avildsen is opening what might just be the coolest record stores ever, SoundCheck Hollywood, on Sunset Blvd. Opening a record store is some risky business these days in a world of digital dominance and music piracy, but I think Ash and his crew can pull this one off. I can admire his ambition; instead of hamfisted attempts to incite an armchair revolution, he’s actually doing something about piracy and the decline of the physical format. Soundcheck Hollywood is right in the middle of the action, situated across the street from the legendary Whiskey A Go-Go. This record store will focus on a more underground rock and metal theme and will feature not only CDs and DVDs, but also limited edition vinyl and exclusive tee-shirts.

On top of that, they’re working to close the gap between the artist and fans by hosting meet and greets that break away from the “stand in line and wait your turn” autograph table sessions in a special “Backstage” area of the store. They plan on making the opening day a big one; The official SoundCheck Hollywood grand opening party will take place on March 23rd and will feature signings from Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Animals As Leaders, The Faceless, Suicide Silence, Winds of Plague and many others.

SoundCheck Hollywood will also be selling new releases Monday nights at 9 PM rather than waiting for the next day. The logic makes sense, considering albums get sold on iTunes at midnight on the east coast. If I lived near this place, you can bet I’d start buying more albums. This is pretty ballsy, and I hope it works out.


– JR

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