Chevelle are arguably the best band to come out of that “post grunge” era in the 90’s and early 00’s. They get lumped in (unfairly, in my opinion) with bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Staind, but Chevelle always stood out as something different; Pete Loeffler’s lyrics are certainly smarter than your average radio rock tune, drawing a huge Tool influence in pen and voice. They can still write some killer songs as well!

So Chevelle are in the studio! Chevelle’s rarely touched twitter account posted the above photo to stir up some excitement. No other info is available right now as it’s a bit too early in the process, but I know my 2011 just got better knowing I have some new Chevelle coming my way later this year. They might not be particularly heavy, if they can keep writing catchy songs without dumbing themselves down, they’re fully backed in my book.

After the jump, a video from their last album Sci-Fi Crimes, “Letter From A Thief”

– JR


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