That was my first thought when I saw a link to a stream of the new Parasytic album Poison Minds over at The New Review.

My second thought was: ‘And why has no one told me about them before!?’. Normally I get quite fanboy-ish over everything Relapse signs but this slipped under my radar and for no good reason, Parasytic is comprised of members  from bands such as Cannabis Corpse and Alabama Thunderpussy and  play thrash/crossover with a real punk feel; so think part Municipal Waste and part Trash Talk but just way filthier. If that at all tickles your fancy, get over there and blast ‘TV Drug‘ whilst shotgunning your beverage of choice – you’ll be sold, I was.

Apparently the album has just recently been reissued through Relapse so you still have time to pretend you liked them before they were popular!

– DL

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