Our love of Pokémon around these parts is well documented. Nothing else makes us regress so far, so quickly, to a place in our childhoods where our handheld Nintendo consoles didn’t come with a stylus, cartoons were still awesome, and there were only one hundred and fifty (one) of these adorable little motherfuckers (yeah, even Psyduck!) to catch.

So it’s with great pleasure and thanks that I bring you this video, via The Number of the Blog, of some of the best Pokémon-inspired guitar work I’ve had the joy of watching. In fact, it’s TNOTB readr orbsonb who provided us, all weedly guitars and grim faces, with this medley inspired by the music of the original Pokémon games.


Enjoy that, did you? Then you can download an mp3 right here! Splendid.

Notably, Mr. onb is something of a hero, having won the Metalsucks Obsidian Conspiracy contest, and won the right to get up on stage with Nevermore and sing with them – and he did a pretty good job of it too. Check out the various revelant footage here.

Ahh, excellent start to the day wouldn’t you say?

– CG

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