Jonny Craig

I’ve been following this one with muted interest, partly because I have never heard Dance Gavin Dance, and partly because I found it a little incredulous that anyone would be stupid/desperate enough to a) rip off their own fans, the very people they depend on for their livelihood, and b) think he could get away with it, but I guess the overwhelming need to fill your veins with crap is a fairly strong driving force on the metaphorical highway of poor judgement.

So the story goes that the aforementioned Jonny Craig, frontman of Dance Gavin Dance (and Emarosa, apparently), tweeted numerous times, advertising various MacBooks and signed equipment for sale. Various people took him up on this, and despite sending him money through legitimate and traceable means, they never received the items in question.

Jonny was allegedly after the money to buy drugs. I found it a bit suspect that someone would use such a public platform to quasi-advertise this, so I found his protests that his Twitter account had been hacked at least moderately believable.

Turns out I, as always, am far too trusting. Craig now is/was in rehab for his problem, and basically owned up in the following statement:

“I want to apologize for my recent behavior. My actions regarding taking advantage of fans was inexcusable. I’m in the process of paying everyone back so please forgive me. My state of mind was completely shot and obviously my decision making skills were heavily impaired due to my drug use.

I’ve since been in detox and successfully completed the treatment. I’ve learned a lot from this ordeal and I realized I’ve redeemed my second chance. I want to personally thank Eric at Artery and Craig at Rise for helping me through this emotionally and financially.

I’m embarrassed with my past actions, I want to make amends to everyone I hurt. Again, sorry to all my fans, family, band mates and colleagues. I’m truly sorry. Now back to work…I’m looking forward to seeing all the DGD fans and their positive energy that they always bring to the shows.

With that being said, the past will stay dead and let’s toast to the future kids. — Jonny Craig“

Everything that I’ve seen/read/heard over the past week or so about this has pointed to the guy being a massive douchebag, and unfortunately it takes more than a few days in rehab to sort your life out. Let’s just hope, for his sake, that he doesn’t go the way of most recent rock n’ roll victim Mike Starr, eh?

– CG


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