We’re probably the last people to report this, but original Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr was found dead at his home yesterday from a suspected drug overdose. Here’s the official statement from the band:

“Members of Alice in Chains are mourning the loss of their friend and ask that the media respect their privacy – and the privacy of the Starr family – during this difficult time. Their thoughts & prayers are with the Starr family.”

There’s no doubt that Alice in Chains were the best thing to come out of the grunge era. While this is a tragedy that we lost a founding member of such an iconic band, it’s not exactly shocking news. I mean, he was on Celebrity Rehab and was arrested fairly recently for felony possession. It’s really a shame that such talent has to die relatively young (he was 44) because of the excess of the rock and roll scene.

There’s not really much else to say on the matter. We’ve lost too many talented individuals in the realm of rock and metal to drug use in the past couple of years (Paul Grey of Slipknot and James “The Rev” Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold). I’m normally not one to stand up on a soap box for issues such as this, but for any of those out there abusing hard drugs, please get help before it’s too late.

At any rate, rest in peace, Mike.

– JR

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