Now if you’re a drum nerd like me, this is basically porn. It’s good to know that Pete Sandoval’s temporary replacement is insanely good.


So at a recent drum clinic, Tim Yeung (whose also played with Hate Eternal, Divine Heresy, Vital Remains etc) played along to a brand new Morbid Angel track and it sounds pretty promising; even reminds me a bit of the Domination album. Not much is known about the new album except that it should be out in roughly June and that it will continue the alphabetical theme and begin with the letter ‘I’; I’ve  heard a few rumours/suggestions including the so-bad-it’s-good title; Ineptitude Of The Toad Merchant.

Also, to tide you along, check out this live version of new track Nevermore” – if you haven’t already – after the jump!



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