What’s the best way to start a week? Well I can tell you the only correct answer is with some mind warping grind from Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

So in a surprisingly primitive turn of events, they’ve uploaded two new tracks to the ANb MySpace; ‘”Possession” and “Ungrateful“. The two tracks come from the upcoming split And On And On… with Despise You that comes out on the 26th of April through Relapse. Now if, like me, you were a huge fan of the new sound they took on for Agorapocalypse then you pleased to know that they seem to have carried on in that direction and I’m pretty sure I can hear vocals from Katherine Katz of Salome on “Ungrateful,” so looks like she’s a permanent member.

Also, a general plea; THIS. The songs are available on MySpace regardless of what the player says, just keep refreshing.


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