Yep, or passports. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shit.

Our favourite Norwegian hellraisers, who were due to join Weedeater‘s Jason the Dragon (ai see wut u did thar!) tour with Zoroaster tonight, had their passports and U.S. visas stolen RIGHT ON THE WAY TO THE FREAKING AIRPORT. If that ain’t the shittiest luck. This also means they missed their Scion Rock Festival appearance, which is a huge bummer.

Fingers crossed they’ll be able to make their SXSW appearance on March 18th, as that shit promises to be tight, or whatever the expression the cool kids are using these days is. It all depends on the competence and willingness of the relevant Norwegian authorities, and I guess the American authorities too.

In the meantime, continue to give them your support – their debut self-titled is awesome and is available in the States on March 15th!

– CG

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