Aurora Borealis

Timeline (The Beginning And End Of Everything)

01. Our Legacy
02. Crucible of Creation
03. Formation
04. Stygian Depths
05. A Creature Called Human (Among Other Things)
06. The Evolution After Evolution
07. The Only Space Race That Matters
08. Beyond The Oort Cloud
09. Tearing Holes In The Fabric Of Time
10. Interlude To Cessation
11. The Rebirth


Umm, who are these guys? I’ve never heard of them before now, but they have five albums out and just released their sixth, Timeline (The Beginning And End Of Everything), which is available for free download here. I randomly happened upon their Myspace page, checked out the album teaser and decided to download the whole album – and damn am I glad I did.

Despite the goofy title, this album totally and utterly smokes.  It’s probably the best blend of black metal and death metal I’ve ever heard, and this is definitely one of my favorite albums I’ve heard so far this year.

So who are these guys?

Aurora Borealis hail from Maryland, and is the brainchild of Ron Vento (ex-Lestregus Nosferatus). Ron writes all the songs, handles production, and plays everything you hear except for the drums, which are played by Mark Green (Embludgeonment, Depraver). This album is Green’s first behind the kit for Aurora Borealis.

The music is a jaw dropping synthesis of black metal and death metal that is expertly and meticulously crafted.  It’s tough to compare them to any one band, but you might describe them as one part Anaal Nathrakh, one part The Faceless, one part Nachtmystium, one part Kalmah…with one part each of good deathcore and 80’s thrash thrown in for good measure. It’s unrelenting in its intensity and great riffage, but with plenty of dynamics, tempo and texture changes, a few beautiful harmony guitar lines, the occasional shredding solo, and sparing use of effects, samples and overdubs to provide some great ear candy and atmosphere throughout. There’s even a sprinkle of what you might call psychedelia here and there.

The guitar playing is top notch, and the production sounds crystal clear without being too glossy. Green’s drums are a great mix of inhuman blast-o-rama and sickening, neck snapping groove.  Vento’s black metal styled vocals lend a sense of urgency and blasphemy to the material that is on par with even the most kvlt black metal bands. Wild stuff, but it’s all awesomely balanced and surprisingly easy to listen to. It’s intense and ambitious, but you will be smiling and headbanging along in no time because it’s so damn good.

Still reading? If you are, get the hell out of here and go listen to this album. It rules! GO. Thank me later.

Aurora Borealis’s Timeline (The Beginning And End Of Everything) gets:



– JB


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