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While it is debatable that this is metal, I consider this song (and album) a prog standout.  The epic intro and the absolutely spectacular drumming set this song apart from the rest.

Atomship have only made one album in their career, and have fallen off the radar for those that were aware of their existence.  This album was recorded with a replacement vocalist, Joey Culver, since their original vocalist, Derek Pardoe, was not available because of anxiety.  Derek did write most of the lyrics to the record, however.  After this recording, Joey left to front Papercut Massacre, a far less interesting group.  Drummer Chad Kent and guitarist Nathan Slade had a falling out that resulted in a temporary disbandment, reforming in 2006 as AtomshipDown, composing of Nathan, Derek, and Chad.  Nathan, however, died in a car crash in the December of 2009, and it was questioned that the group would disband after this accident.  However, they are still around under their original name, Watership Down, with Together Tomorrow guitarist Jesse Duncan.  Check them out.

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