Born of Osiris‘ third album The Discovery hits stores later this month on March 22nd and it’s shaping up to be hands down their best work ever. They got much more melodic and progressive; long gone are the days of “FUCKIN BOW DOWN.” Thank goodness for that. They seem to be hitting a stride in maturity and musicianship.

The teaser you see above got me interested in the album again, and upon searching for more information, I noticed that two new songs are floating around the internet. They sound like they’re unmastered, but even in their current form, this is easily the greatest material they’ve ever put together. You can feast your ears on the glorious “Intelligent Design” below.


Good lord they’ve gotten so good. After the jump, you can catch another new song, “Visualized To Perfection,” as well as the previously released “Follow the Signs.”

– JR




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