We knew it was coming a few days ago, but published in today’s edition of the Guardian (one of the better UK broadsheet newspapers) was an article from Jamie Thomson on the rise of djent and its place at the forefront of the digital music business.

The article features some choice quotes from Periphery‘s Misha Mansoor as well as our good friend Sander ‘Benanne’ Dieleman from got-djent.com, the too-rightly tapped expert.

Apart from an over-zealous spell-checker making a fluff up, it’s a good read. Nothing we don’t know already, but clearly that wasn’t the point of this article – more to bring our beloved djenty tones to the masses. Thompson has written a number of metal articles, so it’s not like it’s coming from a newbie’s perspective; dude knows his stuff. He even gave Coheed & Cambria‘s Year of the Black Rainbow a similar score to me, and got even more shit for it, so I’m feeling our bro-hood pretty strongly right now.

Anyway, direct link to the article on the Guardian’s website here. Check it out!

– CG

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