All Shall Perish have released a new song from their upcoming yet to be titled album. To listen to the track, you must go to their Facebook page and “Like” them (you don’t have to “Share”, contrary to what the picture says. Liars).

This is their first new track since founding member Chris Storey left, and it was my understanding that he was the one who wrote most of the songs. This new song isn’t like anything they’ve ever done before, it’s more of a straight modern deathcore song, without any of the slow-paced stuff from their most recent Awaken The Dreamers. This track feels more simplified and focused, just some aggressive riffs and breakdowns, like some tracks on The Price of Existence, but without the melody that made those tracks actually memorable. Of course, this is just one song, so we’ll see how it goes, but there are many other bands who do this kind of music, so I expect ASP to introduce some kind of new element, but without Chris Storey, who knows what they will do?

– NT

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