The first thing that stood out to me when I heard What’s Left Of Her was the underlying positive and energetic feel that much of their music has. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, the band plays what I could call progressive metalcore/deathcore with some synths thrown in for good measure. The deathcore and synths part would usually be a turn off for me, but I actually don’t mind them in this case. Check out a couple songs from their debut album Perceptions to see what I mean:


(yes, there is a girl in the band)


(cool bands take pictures in empty parking lots at night)

Admittedly, the production quality is not that great, and I’m not in love with the vocals. This is a fairly young band though, and I see a lot of potential here. If you dig their sound, then head over to their facebook page where their debut album Perceptions is streaming in entirety. In addition to streaming it, they are also letting you download the whole thing for free! Get on it!


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