Greetings, fellow travellers of the fretboard! Fear not; this isn’t a permanent deviation for your favourite rain-drenched, be-monacled, letter ‘u’ -happy column. It’s just taking a gentlemanly bow backwards for the next thirty days or so to allow big sticky swathes of prog from across the world to be sprayed across your waiting faces. Yes, I’m using a facial metaphor. Deal with it.

That said, we’re not abandoning you entirely. This morning’s entry is none other than Aeon Zen, a name firmly entrenched in the prog-metal fashion, don’tcha think? They’re from Cambridge (a very, very British town), and have been going for a couple of years now. They’re lead by multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Rich Hinks, who is the vocalist, guitarist, bassist and keyboardist, and only permanent member.

The following track is called “Time Divine“, and is taken from their debut album A Mind’s Portrait, which was named debut album of the year by Progression Magazine, a fine proggy publication!


– CG


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