Our highlight on progressive metal begins tomorrow, where we post our favorite prog songs every weekday morning (a la The Number Of The Blog‘s Morning Wood posts). Keep an eye out for a couple of interviews and contests we have brewing this month; hopefully you dig it!

Anyway, here’s what we have new this week:

American Heritage – Sedentary (Translation Loss)
Blood Ceremony – Rise Of The Ancients (Rise Above/Metal Blade)
Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement [Re-Release] (Relapse)
Dying Fetus – Killing On Adrenaline [Re-Release] (Relapse)
Firebird – Double Diamond (Metal Blade)
Grayceon – All We Destroy (Profound Lore)
Images Of Eden – Rebuilding The Ruins (Nightmare)
Omnium Gatherum – New World Shadows (Lifeforce)
Praxis – Profanation: Preparation for a Coming Darkness (MOD)
Rwake – Hell Is A Door To The Sun [Re-Release] (Relapse)
Scale The Summit – Collective (Prosthetic)
Srodek – Forfall (ATMF)
Subrosa – All We Destroy (Profound Lore)
Until Your Heart Stops – Errors (Creator Destructor)
Weedeater – Jason… The Dragon (Southern Lord)

Cut Your Teeth have also released their new album CYTII this past weekend for free! If you recall, we debuted a song from them last weekend. You can check out this steamroller of an album at their official bandcamp page. It’s excellent stuff!

Have a good week folks!

– JR

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