Holy shit man, I honestly thought I’d seen it all.  I’ve been to quite a few shows in my day, and while I still really enjoy seeing bands live, these days I find myself feeling more and more like a  jaded old metal guy. This is pretty sad since I’m only 25, but in a world overrun with scene kids and kung fu moves – I can’t help but sit back and feel like the glory days have passed me by. I usually just stand by the bar sipping beers, enjoying the music, and longing for the days of old school circle pits so I could get my big ass in there and knock the shit out of these morons. But I digress…

I guess my point is that there is not a whole lot that gets me truly excited in a live setting anymore.  So when I decided to hit up Haste The Day‘s farewell tour Saturday night in Detroit (which also featured MyChildren MyBride, The Chariot, and A Plea For Purging) I wasn’t expecting the show of a lifetime or anything.  And it most certainly wasn’t, in regards to the other three bands on the tour. But HOLY SHIT The Chariot were so good, it was beyond fucking belief.  While I’m usually hammering beers during opening bands to pass the time, The Chariot were so good I forgot I even had a beer in my hand.  Hell, I almost forgot it was socially unacceptable to just shit in one’s pants.  Because I almost did.

As you might imagine if you’ve ever heard them on record, The Chariot’s show is a very loud, spontaneous, barely controlled chaos-bordering-on-religious-experience that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The intimate setting and nonexistent security at the venue suited them perfectly as well. From Josh Scogin’s opening incantation of “this stage is YOUR stage! This microphone is YOUR microphone!”, essentially inviting the entire crowd on stage with the band, I knew we were in for it.

It is beyond refreshing that:

– In an age where bands are so concerned with perfect sound and performance, The Chariot do not give a FUCK about either.

– In an age where bands actually choreograph their stage moves, The Chariot’s show is truly spontaneous. I guarantee you it is different each and every time they play.

– While most guitarists/bassists in a touring band are on a limited budget/are very anal and are therefore very careful with their instruments, Jon Kindler actually threw his bass about 20 feet INTO the crowd(!) and let some random fans smack it  for a bit, not really giving a shit about when he got it back (also of note, Kindler stage diving with his bass in hand and continuing to play while crowd surfing)

– Pretty much every drummer I have ever met cringes when anyone so much as touches their kit, or even looks at it wrong – but not The Chariot’s David Kennedy. At the end of the set, the band starts breaking down his kit (one piece at a time until he’s left with just his snare and kick) while he’s still playing, and even let a fan borrow one of his toms and a drumstick so he could bang on it whilst crowd surfing—epic.

– In an age where we are so concerned with safety, The Chariot are perfectly fine with stage diving from monitors and walking through/playing in the crowd. As mentioned above, they also encourage fans to come on stage with them, take the microphone and scream a few lines.  Awesome.

I could go on, but their show really needs to be seen to be believed. Go see them!

A quick recap of the other bands, for posterity:

– A Plea For Purging: I only saw their last two songs, but they seemed pretty good.

– MyChildren MyBride: not bad despite playing tired metalcore, but guys, take it easy on the fucking bass drops next time eh? They literally did about twenty during their thirty minute set…

– Haste The Day: I know you guys flipped your trailer the night before, got to the show late, and your singer is sick. But dammit man, y’all sounded terrible. Like, really bad – and for a farewell tour, the setlist was shit and you only played ten songs. It was more like a desperate limp to the finish line when it should have been a victory lap.  Disappointing, hopefully the Detroit show was an exception and the other shows on this tour have been great.

So in conclusion, go see The Chariot. They rule.

– JB


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