Last Friday while we were distracted by the new Between the Buried and Me song, Alt Press also debuted the new The Human Abstract music video for “Digital Veil.” The combination of the two apparently drew a large crowd which temporarily crippled Alt Press, making the site slow to a crawl. Luckily the video was uploaded to YouTube where one is much less likely to have to inadvertently experience the horrors of Alt Press’ AP Tour featuring the likes of Black Veil Brides and I See Stars, but more on that later. Not really.

“Digital Veil” is a damn catchy song and probably has the most memorable hook despite containing only harsh vocals. Bordering on the realm of breakdowns, the song’s chorus is quite visceral and will no doubt be a live hit. The video is pretty average in and of itself, but the first thing I noticed (besides how absurdly buff AJ Minette has gotten over the years) is the unique presence that new vocalist Travis Richter brings. Not many metal vocalists can rock a mic stand and maintain a level of charisma expected from the frontman. He makes it work though, and I’d imagine it suits him much better than the tough guy mic cupping. Apparently there’s a divide on how well Travis is being received, but I dig him much better than the previous vocalist. Plus, he sings in my range so I don’t feel out of my element when I’m singing “Faust” in the shower.

ANYWAY, Digital Veil comes out next week on eOne records. Get stoked!

– JR


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