Sometimes I’m not in the mood for technical metal and I just want something with a catchy chorus. Enter Ready, Set, Fall! Straight out of Italy, Ready, Set, Fall! (yes, exclamation point) bring a nice blend of metal and melody to a very dead genre. They are getting a pretty nice following behind them for having very little music out, but for good reason. Admittedly, it’s accessible and they’re beating a dead horse at this point, but better to beat a dead one than an alive one. Call it “emo”, call it boring, call it whatever. It’s enjoyable, easy to listen to and gives a nice contrast to all the heavy shit I’ve been jamming for a while.

Listen to their song “Skyscrapers” here:


They have a song up (“The Temple Is Me 2010 Version”) on iTunes that you can buy and have an EP coming out sometime this year.




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