Starting to look like I may be addicted to Twitter, but I feel like it gives you an insight into the minds of musicians quite easily. There’s nothing to it; you think, you tweet. It’s just not there yet—bands don’t realize the importance of it as a marketing tool, it could be so much more if more bands got in on it.

More to the point, after the tragic passing of vocalist Mahk Daniels last year due to a van accident I was unsure of the future of Early Graves. Goner was easily one of my favourite albums of 2010 both for music and lyrics so it would have been a huge shame if they didn’t continue; but recent Twitter updates indicate that they are back in the studio tracking three new songs referred to as ‘Fast‘, ‘Crowbar‘ and ‘Groove‘—can’t see any of those names sticking. Despite this, they still haven’t found a new vocalist, but personally I’m just glad they’re persevering. You can see some more photos from the recording session on the Early Graves facebook page.



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