Cut Your Teeth


01. Stallion
02. Four Loko Made Me Do It
03. No Pain
04. T.W.H.W.Y.T.B.
05. Stand Tall
06. Bum Wine and Tequila
07. Ruined
08. Snortin Whiskey

[Self Released]

Admittedly, thrash isn’t my forte. I could never get into the genre save for a few choice bands here and there; not to say the genre is bad or anything like that, of course. It’s just not appealing to me for the most part. I’m sure a number of Heavy Blog readers can identify, considering our average subject material and its drawing. Taking into consideration my distaste for the genre, I suppose it means something when I say that NYC cross-over thrash band Cut Your Teeth are damn good.

Rooted in the grounds of thrash and hardcore and invoking the styling made famous by bands such as Suicidal Tendencies and Municipal Waste, Cut Your Teeth are everything you’d want out of this arena of metal. Brilliant and catchy riffs are littered throughout CYTII’s 20 minute runtime, where songs such as “Stand Tall” and “Bum Wine and Tequila” stand out with driving groove and aggression as well as some of the most well crafted guitar solos I’ve heard in quite some time.

Combining this fast-paced shred with a “Party Hard” and “Come at me, bro” mentality (in the best way possible), CYTII is so much fun. Throaty hardcore yelling and gang shouts add to the album’s visceral attraction, as off-putting as they may be to some at first. The only drawback is that the party ends too soon, bowing out with “Snortin’ Whiskey” at 22 minutes in.

As much flack as the “re-thrash” scene seems to be getting for being unoriginal and derivative, Cut Your Teeth know what they’re going for, and they do it quite well. Not only is CYTII a great display of musicianship and technical ability, it’s an honest approach at crossover thrash that is as fun as it is cutting. You can (and should) pick up the album for free on Bandcamp, which saves you some cash that you could be using to DRINK NATTY LIGHTS!

Cut Your Teeth – CYTII gets…


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