Is this an update? Have I even mentioned it before? never mind, who cares.

So below is the latest update to the lineup for the UK’s biggest metal festival and, well…it kinda blows.

Of course, with a festival of this size it won’t be a total dud; I’m not into ‘classic’ metal, but I’m sure Def Leppard would be fun, as would the reunited System of a Down, if only for the nostalgia. Pendulum will be good, and the biggest non-metal act on the bill, Frank Turner, will slay. We’ve even got little old Ghost down there somewhere, but other than that? Poor.

I’m sure many of you will disagree, but for me it’s a big ole’ pile of do not want. You’re better of checking out Bloodstock (who are rocking Devin Townsend this year), Damnation, or Sonisphere (The Big Four, Mastodon, Gojira and Protest the Hero amongst others), or heading abroad to Groezrock (Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats).

– CG

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