I totally claim credit for this one. I featured then in an episode of FWTBT a few weeks ago, and lo and behold here they are picking up their instruments and dusting off their old gear. That’s right: LEGENDARY hardcore punk band Pageninetynine will be reuniting this summer!

For a one off show, naturally. They’ll be playing the 10th annual “Best Friends Day” (aww, doesn’t that sound nice?) festival in Richmond, VA, which runs from August 18th to 21st. Anyone reading this from around those parts?

Excitingly, they’ll be playing the whole of document #8, one of the most important records of its genre. I’m sure they’ll bugger off afterwards, as is the way of these things, but it’ll be great for old times’ sake.

Past acts at the festival have included Propagandhi and Andrew W.K., so it promises to be a good weekend.

Cheers to ThePRP for the heads up.

– CG

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