Legion Of The Damned

Descent Into Chaos

01. Descent Into Chaos
02. Night Of The Sabbath
03. War Is In My Blood
04. Shrapnel Rain
05. Holy Blood, Holy War
06. Killzone
07. Lord Of The Flies
08. Desolation Empire
09. The Hand Of Darkness
10. Repossessed

[Massacre Records]

Legion Of The Damned have and always will make albums that sound like Legion Of The Damned, even when they were called Occult they were making Legion Of The Damned records, but if a band like Motörhead can make a career basically by recreating the same album over and over (not badly though) then why not others? Or even better recreate the same record made by another band over and over again? Since Slayer don’t make a racket like they did on Hell Awaits anymore, then somebody has to fill the gap and supply the needy with razor sharp death thrash.

And it’s death thrash that LotD do so well, there’s nary a blast beat to be seen on Descent Into Chaos. Drummer Erik Fleuren keeps things fast and heavy mainly through some quite frankly pummeling double bass pedal abuse, while guitarist Richard Ebisch (previously from deathgrind masters Inhume) switches between furious yet grandiose Behemoth-style riffs to those more  steady mid-tempo thrash parts.

After a decidedly cheesy intro, “Night Of The Sabbath” gets things off to a proper start with a fast tempo and galloping riff – the song itself though is very meat and bones, no frills; it seems to get you from point A to point B without many eventful happenings. You’ll probably be headbanging on that journey though, and I challenge many to listen to LotD and not enjoy the energy and forward momentum of their songs. That has to be my favourite part about this record; take any part of any song and nine times out ten it’ll be a solid riff with a huge backing behind it, and just when it can’t get any better the transition kicks in and you’re shifted up a gear with another section that suits the song perfectly. “Shrapnel Rain” for instance, whilst not being the fastest song on the album, is a thrash metal song with an emphasis on the song. It even contains what might be the most unimaginative chorus I’ve ever heard but it’s catchy, fist-pumping and sounds like it should be like that.

They’re not all winners, though; some of the latter material on the album is a little weaker. It’s not that they sound any different or that there’s anything drastically wrong with them – it’s the same formula – it’s just that songs like “Desolation Empire” and “Lord Of The Flies” can’t match up to the unrelenting assault of tracks such as “Holy Blood, Holy War” and “Repossessed”. It’s a bit of a shame as I still don’t think there’s a definitive Legion Of The Damned album yet, but Descent Into Chaos is about as close you’ll get. Overall, if you’re a fan you will enjoy this, if you’re not a fan but are interested in checking them out then this is your best bet and if you never liked them steer well clear. Legion will never set the world on fire, they were probably never aiming to, but what they do, they do well and reliability never hurt aynone.

Legion Of The Damned’s Descent Into Chaos gets…


– DL

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