Holy cannoli! Today I was running naked through the fields of the internet and I came across the website Why, in my quarter century of life, have I not come across this site before? Seriously, I’ve been using the internet since I was like 8. Anyway, it’s pretty much the coolest website. The concept is exactly what the name would lead you to believe. There are so many beautiful posters on this site, and I’ve spent more of my day than I care to admit looking at them. I’ve compiled a couple of my favourite below.

As I was browsing though I started thinking, why don’t bands sell these posters at shows? Screw buying a t-shirt, if I was at a show and saw posters like these, silk screened on fine art paper? I would flip out. Take for instance the Muse poster below. I was at that show; I saw those bands play. If I had seen that poster for sale I would have bought it for sure, even though it’s not a great poster and it would have been madly overpriced.

The only time I can ever remember seeing a really well done poster at a show was when I saw Pelican a few years back. For some reason I bought a t-shirt instead for reasons that I can’t fathom. Oh the follies of our youth. Anyway, I’m keeping my post short this week because I’m working on some big things for my next series of articles. Enjoy my selections below.

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I do actually have this Protest poster at home somewhere but only because I had to rip it off of the bathroom wall of the bar they were playing.

This poster is incredible. I would do unspeakable things to any wall it was hanging on. If anyone knows where I can purchase a copy, I will buy you so many beers.

– Stefan


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