Which can only mean good things for you!

The busy bees over at Basick Records have released a shed-load of announcements today, which I shall summarise thusly:

  • They’ve signed Australian progressive metal band Circles. Yes, another band with a love for plurals. No matter; this is still awesome.
  • The Arusha Accord have returned from a six-month hiatus and resigned to the label, which is being celebrated with the release of The Echo Verses Collector’s Edition, which features the band’s debut album plus their EP Nightmares of the Ocean. Tidy.
  • They’ve signed a worldwide (excluding North America) distribution deal with Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), who work with other labels such as Roadrunner, Earache, Visible Noise, Relapse, Epitaph, Bieler Bros and Rise Records, among many others. Whilst this is more exciting for them, what it does mean for you is that all of the awesome music the label puts out will be more readily available to most of the rest of the world. At a basic(k) level, this means you can get your hands on such fantastic albums as Chimp Spanner’s At The Dream’s Edge, No Made Sense’s The Epillanic Choragi, Fellsilent’s The Hidden Words, and many more. Quality. Sorry, though, USA, this doesn’t mean you…
  • …which is why they’ve also signed a similar deal with Century Media, meaning you get all this too! Aaaah, had you for a minute there. What a cunt.

And if that all seems a bit press-release heavy, then here’s something more in it for you. To celebrate this Basick have offered this free sampler, the tracklisting of which is:

01. Monuments – Admit Defeat (2010 Demo)
02. Circles – Clouds Are Gathering
03. Ion Dissonance – We Like To Call This One… Fuck Off
04. The Arusha Accord – The Resurgent
05. Chimp Spanner – Bad Code
06. Aliases – We Never Should Have Met (2010 Demo)
07. No Consequence – Latitudes
08. Visions– Attentive: Continuum (2010 Demo)
09. No Made Sense – The Epillanic Choragi
10. A Dark Orbit – The Waters

These guys are making great strides and are fast becoming my favourite label. Don’t forget that these guys will be putting out Monuments’ debut album this year, for which I can’t wait!

Nice going guys; congrats from Heavy Blog.

– CG


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