Between The Buried And Me were easily the best thing to happen to Victory Records in terms of critical acclaim and artistic integrity, and now that their contract has expired (with a new one inked with Metal Blade, according to rumors), Victory are apparently going to milk every last possible dime out of the rights they still have to previous BTBAM recordings and are going to release The Best Of Between the Buried And Me next month, according to ThePRP. Just what any fan wants—to buy songs they already have!

While I appreciate the coincidence in releasing the collection during Prog-Metal March, the whole thing just seems pretty useless and just screams “cash grab.” Here’s the tracklist:

CD #1:

01 – “Mordecai”
02 – “Ad a Dglgmut”
03 – “Aesthetic”
04 – “Shevanel Take 2”
05 – “Alaska”
06 – “Selkies: The Endless Obsession”
07 – “All Bodies”
08 – “Backwards Marathon”
09 – “Prequel To The Sequel”
10 – “Foam Born A: The Backtrack”
11 – “Foam Born B: The Decade Of Statues”
12 – “Viridian”
13 – “Mirrors”
14 – “Obfuscation”

Disc 2 (Live Tracks):

01 – “Mordecai”
02 – “Shevanel Cut A Flip”
03 – “Backwards Marathon”
04 – “Ad a Dglgmut”
05 – “Selkies: The Endless Obsession”
06 – “White Walls”


01 – “Mordecai” (music video)
02 – “Alaska”
03 – “Obfuscation”
04 – “Synesthia:” (“Colors” film)

While disc 1 includes the obvious fan favorites from their Victory catalog (their self titled debut being released on Lifeforce Records), they seemed to skip over “White Walls,” but for some baffling reason threw in “Viridian,” a short transition track with a bass solo. “White Walls” was included in the live set on Disc 2, so I’ll let that one slide.

The DVD includes the three music videos the band filmed, as well as what I assume to be the film interpretation of the entire album Colors that was on the band’s official website during the album’s promotion cycle. If you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s “Foam Born.”


It’s basically just stock footage, but it’s a neat watch.

All in all, unless you’re looking for a gift that would get a friend  into the band (which is the one thing that this thing would admittedly do right),  there’s no real reason for any fan to pick up this particular release. Nothing new is being offered, and I can just about guarantee you that the band didn’t approve of this, and will probably make little to nothing on it. Victory is pretty infamous for being greedy anyway. So says the guy with Emmure and Dr. Acula ads running on his website.

At any rate, The Best Of Between The Buried And Me comes out March 29th. Don’t bother with it.

– JR


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