Warning: This video contains gratuitous shots of half naked women for no apparent reason at random intervals. So NSFW or whatever.


Sometimes it’s good to be ignorant, for instance I was trawling YouTube last night and came across this video of Turmion Katilot, probably my favourite industrial metal band ever, released way back in December of last year. This lead me to find out that they have a brand new album (with some terrible artwork), Perstechnique, coming out on the 19th of February to coincide with the Finnish Metal Expo. The last time I’d heard from them, they were in a legal battle with previous record label, Spinefarm Records, which led to a lawsuit and the release of 2008’s U.S.C.H! as a free download through their website for a short time. As far as I’m aware this was sorted outside of court in the end. So it looks like the new album will be an independent release available to order through the band’s website.

If you’ve never heard Turmion Katilot (Finnish for Midwives Of Ruin) before then; they look like Gorgoroth but sound like Rammstein with more electronic influences and I’d urge you to check out their debut Hoitovirhe which is an incredibly underrated album. While the newer material and ‘Ihmisixsixsix‘ seem to have continued to tone down on the electronics, I’m still really looking forward to the release day, just less than a week away.

Also, try putting on subtitles and then use the Youtube translation option. You then realize the sheer poetry emanating from the lyrics, choice lines include; ‘I will paint your job trivial‘, ‘Stumbles on an escalator’ and ‘Wash my ass tears‘.

– DL


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