Okay, so not totally brand new, but it never is with Glassjaw.

It’s the promised Coloring Book EP, which was given out to all attendees of their current headlining tour with These People and Tidal Arms. The tracklisting, as I mentioned the other week, is:

01. Black Nurse
02. Gold
03. Vanilla Poltergeist Snake
04. Miracles In Inches
05. Stations Of The New Cross
06. Daytona White

Now, I haven’t heard the EP yet, but I’ve heard bootlegs of some of the tracks and it’s fair to say I enjoyed them. I’m pretty stoked to hear the studio recordings. Some have surfaced on YouTube already, like the following, second track “Gold“.


Now, we don’t advocate torrents and the like ’round these parts, but…this was given out free to attendees. Basically it’s out there for those wh know where to look. Which is probably all of you, you internet-savvy buckoes.

– CG


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