Guitar virtuoso Paul Wardingham has completely flown under the radar for me, but I stumbled upon his existence through the wonders of a Last.FM comment. If you’re unfamiliar with this Australian guitarist, it’s okay! From what I can gather (and it’s not much), he has been a behind the scenes kind of guy doing work with production, session musicianship and tutoring aspiring musicians. He did a duo album with drummer Grant Collins, but other than that he seems pretty unknown. His most recent contribution seems to have been a guest solo on Aussie melo-death act Universum‘s latest effort. So, if he hasn’t put out a lot of material, why should you care?

Because he’s releasing a solo album! And from what I’ve heard it’s fucking awesome.

Fans of Scar Symmetry (before they sucked *cough* Dark Matter Dimensions *cough*) should be very interested in this instrumental album, as the music is very similar. All the crazy wanking and transcending melodies with crushing riffs to sweeten the pot are very present here. There is also Jeff Loomis influence and fans of his Zero Order Phase album might find some deliciousness to satiate the hunger.

If shreddy-yet-coherent instrumental metal with a futuristic, cosmic soundscape is your thing then Paul Wardingham’s Assimilate Regenerate will be just your thing. Best of all? It’s coming soon. And by soon I mean February 21st. You can preorder it here.

Check out two songs from the album:




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