Now before you go messing yourselves in excitement, please make note that this post is filed under “WILD SPECULATION!” Check out the following messages via Devin Townsend’s Twitter page:

We already know for a fact that Ihsahn is on board, and while Mikael, Tommy, and Joe D are common enough names, to have all three referenced by Devin together makes them related somehow; it just so happens, all three are big names of prog metal frontmen. The odds are just too good.

Alright, so he could be thanking them for anything at all? I’ve thought of that too, but then I saw this interaction Devin had with a fan:

So either Devin’s trolling people by letting fans let their minds run wild (oh shit, it’s working) or he’s wanting to let people know what to expect without outright spilling the beans. This might actually be happening! Needless to say, I’m super excited and I hope this is real. If so, Deconstruction might be the most epic record of 2011.

– JR


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