The dudes over at British Tech Metal have today released their long awaited free 14-track compilation, featuring Heavy Blog favourites Cyclamen, as well as previous Best of British featurees Galleons and Dr. Slaggleberry.  It’s chock full of tea-swilling, brolly-waving tech metal goodness, and can be downloaded from their bandcamp here.

Did I mention it’s free? ‘Cos it is. ‘Cor Blimey guv’nor!

Tracklisting and a handy web player after the jump.

01. Visions – “Attentive; Continuum

02. Decorus – “Run Like the Wind

03. Mask of Judas -“My Designer

04. Cyclamen – “With Our Hands

05. Chronographs – “Resolve

06. Versed – “Moomba

07. Against the Flood – “Turn Towards the Sky

08. Dr. Slaggleberry – “Gone Devil

09. Fall Against Fate – “Waters of Asteria

10. Kailin – “Colours

11. Antares – “…But I’m Not Sure About Singularity

12. Fractals – “Artifacts of Intrigue

13. Galleons – “How Deep Is The Sea

14. Cyanide Serenity – “Believe In The Sun


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