All Hail Crowbar! For they are STILL one of the heaviest bands on the planet. I know that is a bold statement in the age of 8-string guitars, far-beyond-guttural diarrhea vocals and Pro-Tooled blastbeats so fast the brain struggles to keep up, but it’s fucking true man.  The mighty Kirk Windstein and company are back with their latest opus, Sever the Wicked Hand, which came out just yesterday. It is currently streaming at AOL Music, and I implore you to check it out. Be transported back to a time when heaviness was about groove, taste, and fucking SOUL. I’m only about five spins deep with this one, but I’m absolutely loving it-and I know Kirk is sober now, but I got about 8 Budweisers in the fridge that are dying to be  chugged while I jam to this.  There’s something about Crowbar and beer, ya know? But congrats to Kirk for getting off the sauce and still making a totally killer album!

This album is proof positive that, even in the year 2011, there is absolutely no need to tune your guitar lower than a low B. Actually, pick any Crowbar album from their 20 year history for evidence of this—they were one of the pioneers of tuning down. So respect your elders and crank the shit out of this album. Right now. Go.

– JB


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