The Faceless are easily my favorite death metal band. I mean sure, they split the difference between progressive and technical death metal with elements often attributed with deathcore (especially on their debut Akeldama), so to call them death metal without any other genre qualifying tags sounds a bit dubious, especially in the presence of elitists or what have you; regardless, they’re my favorite band with that death metal aesthetic and any news regarding their new album has been awaited with bated breath.

Since the release of their second album Planetary Duality, they’ve been free agents as far as new music has been concerned; that is until this week, when the band decided to re-sign with Sumerian Records. Thank fuck, because without The Faceless, the quality expected of Sumerian Records would drop considerably, as they haven’t made any new substantial signings as of late. Here’s what songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Michael Keene had to say about the signing and the new record:

“After five years and two successful albums we’ve decided to sign on with the sphinx-obsessed, record-pedaling Sumerian Records for some more! We’ve worked together from the start of both of our respective careers and have grown together the whole way. That brings me to the question, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? There is no doubt that Sumerian has been there for us time and time again when we’ve needed them and they continue to grow and expand as a label every day. I’m very confident in their work for us and am proud to not only call everyone at Sumerian our business partners, but also our great friends.

“This next record is going to be the most musical and progressive record we’ve made. Since recording Planetary Duality, the goals of The Faceless have changed a bit. You can still expect a fast, technical and blistering record, but I personally am less focused on a musical aesthetic and more on musicality and making an expressive, unique, moody and expansive record. Speed picking, flying double bass and skin melting guitar solos are certainly still in order. However, you can also expect more clean vocals with big harmonies, some unique instrumentation, dark moody passages, interesting keyboards, synth guitars, vocoder and sequenced segments. It’s going to be the most focused and depressive Faceless record to date.

“I’ll also be filming as much of the recording process on my FlipCam and posting frequent webisodes along the way. I’m really excited to show our fans a glimpse into the daily life of The Faceless, the recording process and my little world at Keene Machine Studios. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

The album will be recorded in March and will most likely see a late summer-early fall release. Get excited!

– JR

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