You know, despite how much I loved Crack The Skye (which is controversially my favorite Mastodon album), I’ve been extremely wary of hearing it live. Heavy Blog’s first ever post was basically me bitching about how terrible Mastodon performed on Letterman. After they failed to deliver vocally, I never bothered to keep up with their live work aside from how great their tour lineups seem to be.

So naturally, when it comes to their first ever DVD, Live At The Aragon, I’m going to proceed with caution. The DVD’s trailer (above) features a few vocal lines from “Divinations,” and while not too far off, I’m not completely sold. Some of you are though, and that’s cool too!

The DVD will be available March 15th through Reprise Records. The setlist is after the jump!

– JR

01. “Oblivion”
02. “Divinations”
03. “Quintessence”
04. “The Czar”
05. “Ghost Of Karelia”
06. “Crack The Skye”
07. “The Last Baron”
08. “Circle of Cysquatch”
09. “Aqua Dementia”
10. “Where Strides The Behemoth”
11. “Mother Puncher”
12. “The Bit” (Melvins cover)

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