If you like grind then you probably know Jay Randall already, one of the lyrical masterminds behind cybergrind masters Agoraphobic Nosebleed but if you aren’t following his twitter you may not know about his new record label Grindcore Karaoke which releases a lot of grind/powerviolence/cybergrind stuff for free, definately a labour of love.

Honestly, I’ve never heard before of any of the bands he’s released except for Wadge, but the full list is pretty enticing just on names:

  • WadgeGrindcope Lu’au
  • Eustachian The Sphagnum Bog
  • Chulo Odio A Primera Vista
  • Marion Barry – Black Power Violence
  • Kusari Gama KillChaos Surge
  • Robocop Robocop II

With upcoming releases this month from Mechabongzilla, Jet Jaguar KR- 3 Kill Spree, Maruosa (who sound amazingly intense) and Self Deconstruction. So far, Robocop is my personal favourite, I haven’t heard a powerviolence record this interesting in a long time and I think it’s electronic/cybergrind influences that really make the record. Plus, there’s a Napalm Death cover! So if you have an interest in filthy grind or anything of the sort then definately check this stuff out because a) there’s some real gems here and b) IT’S FREE.

– DL

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