No Made Sense

The Epillanic Choragi

01. Wake Of Syr
02. The Epillanic Choragi
03. Entases Of Azure
04. Seeking Beyond
05. Malachi’s Depths
06. Aciculaccolith
07. Elico Moieties
08. Porphyrachis
09. Epinolitholatyr
10. Wake Of Syr (II)

[Basick Records | 03/23/09]

Although I like to think all of the bands we feature have at least some intrinsic worth for someone, at times we come across an act that piques our interest, raises the adamantium spines on our necks, and causes our metal glands to go into hormone overdrive. Reading-based trio No Made Sense are the latest of these somewhat rare artists to give me a raging titanium semi.

Comparisons have been drawn with the almighty Neurosis, and whilst I can see from where those comparisons are being drawn, No Made Sense have their own thing going. The Epillanic Choragi is an ambitious first album, but one that the band have taken in their stride.

So what is an Epillanic Choragi exactly..? Well bugger me if I know. The concept is fairly deeply hidden, what with the cryptic track titles and the raspy, indecipherable quality of guitar-wielding frontman Leo Dennett’s vocals. What I can tell you is that the album is divided into six chapters; most composed of two tracks, bar ‘Entases Of Azure‘ and ‘Wake Of Syr (II)‘, which stand alone.

Starting off with a deceptively low-key opening, “The Epillanic Choragi” itself soon brings the tone down to the album proper. The guitar tones are low and pounding, driven by a consistent rhythm from Mr. Samuel Ward on drums. Often used are slow staccato rhythms throughout the instrumentation, giving the album a sludgey feel – albeit an slightly pacier one than you might expect from the genre.

So I mentioned the vocals. They are indeed abrasive; desperate with unfettered aggression, but it’s notable that this isn’t the extent of Dennett’s range. The yells are contrasted by surprising clean sections, which fit in nicely to the more ambient sections.

Tracks merge well into one another, keeping the flow of the album, but this isn’t to say each ‘chapter’ isn’t without identity. Chapter V in particular starts winding down the lengthy proceedings in a suitable fashion. The album is kinda long, but I think with all the hardcore and djent I’ve been listening to lately that’s  more that I’m just not used to the slower pace of things. Don’t take this as a criticism by any stretch; hell, it’s a hell of a lot more bang for your buck so to speak.

The thing is with this album that there are certain sections that are just fucking awesome. Riffs, vocal melodies, bigger riffs; this is the meat that brings you back for all the slightly less favourable veg. “Milachis Depths” is the best example of this; they keep it rolling for thirteen and a half minutes of unadulterated sexual musicianship. It’s not a perfect record, but god damn is it close. I can’t wait to hear what they have in store this year.

No Made Sense – The Epillanic Choragi gets:

– CG

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