Big big big heads up to reader Ryan Benjamin for sending this our way.

Protest the Hero just uploaded a new song to their Facebook BandPage. The new song, “C’est La Vie”, is the band’s first single as well as our first taste of music. Fans of PtH should be happy that this song holds up to the quality the band is known for. You can get your eargasms on right here. It is seriously soooo gooood.

[Ed: listen here!]

Pre-orders for the band’s highly anticipated album Scurrilous have just gone up as well. You can order from several packages at their official website. On top of that, the band released the tracklist:

C’est La Vie
The Reign of Unending Terror
Sex Tapes

IM SO EKSEIT GUISE. Scurrilous is out March 22nd on Vagrant Records!

– JR

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