The Algorithm


01. Reverse
02. Calculated Movements
03. Access Denied
05. Kernel Pt. 1
06. Kernel Pt. 2
07. Kernel Pt. 3
08. Boucle Infinie


So there is some very weird music in the world.  Hunab Ku and Pin-Up Went Down are two examples of bands that are exceptionally weird, but retain that something that make them undeniably awesome.  Only a few groups can pull it off, and with a couple of listens to CRITICAL.ERROR, you can add The Algorithm to the list.

The Algorithm is a one-man bedroom project by Frenchmen Remi Gallago.  So you can get a good idea as to what you are in for, here are some of the bands listed on the influences section of the official Facebook page: Daft Punk, Veil Of Maya, Genghis Tron, Boards Of Canada, After The Burial, Aphex Twin, Meshuggah.  With such diverse bands as an influence, it’s obvious that this music applies to a limited number of listeners in the music community.  Also, it’s hard to classify a genre for The Algorithm.  Perhaps the best description seen around the net would be Djentstep.  So if the genre classification doesn’t sound very appealing to you, it’s best you don’t proceed.  But if it does, please read on.

First off, the album is made entirely by computer, and you can tell in the production.  It’s very crisp and clean and well-mixed, but nothing sounds organic.  If you’re a purist, this may not be to your liking, but if you’re a purist, you’re probably not listening to this anyway, so carry on.

The structure and composition of the tunes is about as avant-garde as it gets.  Ranging from polyrhythmic heavy sections to dubstep Eminem samples (Yeah, I was freaking out too.), there is a little bit for everyone in this album. For the metal fan, there are plenty of chunky riffs.  While a bit unoriginal, they do their part well by provide a heavy backbone to the keyboard ambiance.  The lead guitar fan will enjoy the sporadic leads and solos seasoned across the album.  The progressive freak within some will be happy to know that complex time signatures are abound in the album. For example, the song, “Access Denied,” begins with a very synth-heavy polyrhythmic section, leading into barely controlled chaos, throwing in crescendos, saxophone, and sirens all of the place, until it gets into a dubstep/hip hop rhythm in the middle.  It’s beyond crazy.  It’s original.  And it’s fucking amazing.  Also, the songs know when to cool down and let melody sink in.  The “Kernel” series is a flourishing triumph of music.

While everything may seem grand, there are a few reservations.  For one, the production, while good, does seem TOO electronic at times, occasionally spoiling some sections of music.  Also, the ending, “Boucle Infinie” seems a bit weak for an album like this, which is a letdown, especially after the momentum it gains with the “Kernel” series.

However, put those flaws aside, and what you have here is music definitely worthy of recognition.  They have found a constant spot in my rotation, and I’m always paying attention to discovering something new.  That’s the beauty of this album: It’s so deep, that you’ll always hear something new with each playthrough.  And for bonus points, the bastard’s released the album and his other album, The Doppler Effect, for free (check below for links).  Good to see someone doing this for the sheer love of making wonderful music.

The Algorithm’s CRITICAL.ERROR gets…

4.5 out of 5

Link to his albums available via Mediafire and his official facebook page.  Go there now, you miserable lot. (CRITICAL.ERROR) (The Doppler Effect)!/pages/The-Algorithm/370516035482 (Official Facebook Page)



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