While we already have Prog-Metal March, I still stand by my statements that grind will be the genre king of 2011. Backing that is the announcement that Cretin should release a new album of deranged Repulsion worship by the end of the year!

Cretin released their debut album Freakery way back in 2006 and the reason for huge delay in the follow up is due to vocalist and guitarist, Dan Martinez becoming Marissa Matinez by undergoing a complete sex change. Whilst I think that the music should always come first, the story itself is incredibly interesting and Marissa has done a lot of interviews where she is very open and honest about the whole thing. A recent interview over at Invisible Oranges provides a great insight into the mindset of someone trapped in the wrong body and paints the picture of a person truly living as who they want to be, which is metal as fuck.

The interview also promises that the new album will be a true sequel to Freakery and that the events in between the albums won’t affect the sound at all, especially not her voice.



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