Mr. ‘Rumble From Down-Under’ himself – Periphery bassist Tom Murphy – has revealed a number of details about the upcoming Icarus Lives EP, including a release date of March 15th April 19th! I’m super lazy, so here’s a nice long block quote for you:

“Hello to all of our fans out there. We wanted to let you in on some exciting news! We will be releasing our second effort in the form of The Icarus Lives EP later this spring. We like to think of it as a supplement to our first album. It will contain a version of “Icarus Lives!” with newly recorded vocals and the fantastic music video by Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci of Killswitch Productions, alongside several remixes of the song by the band, winner of our Icarus remix contest (Pete Graves from the UK) and a special guest to be named at a later date. We have also included a tweaked version of our song “Jetpacks Was Yes” and the brand new music video by Eric Haviv at FUGO studios.

In addition, the songs “Captain On” and “Eureka” (available only through digital download until now) will be made available in physical format with newly re-recorded vocals. To sweeten the deal, we have added a new song, “Frak the Gods“, to give our fans a taste of whats to come as we enter the studio later this year to record our second full length. As you can tell, we tried to make this EP worth your time and money. We have put a ton of time into these songs to deliver to you an exciting and polished product. Thank you for all the support and hopefully see you out on the road.”

Frak the Gods“? I smell a Battlestar Galactica reference, and I approve. For those no interested enough to read all the “blahblahblah”, here’s the tracklist and what have you:

New groove (instrumental)
Icarus lives
Icarus Lives – Fan/Contest Winner Remix
Icarus Lives – Zedd Remix
Icarus Lives – Bulb Remix
Jetpacks was Yes v2.0
Captain on
Frak the gods

Icarus Lives
Jetpacks Was Yes v2.0
+ Icarus Lives behind the scenes footage

– CG


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