Omnium Gatherum

New World Shadows

01. Everfields
02. Ego
03. New World Shadows
04. Soul Journeys
05. Nova Flame
06. An Infinite Mind
07. Watcher of the Skies
08. The Distance
09. Deep Cold

[Lifeforce Records]

Disclaimer:  Omnium Gatherum is a band I’ve loved for forever, it seems.  But much like my Evergrey review, I entered this review completely free of bias or favoritism.  Let’s not waste any time, shall we?

The album opens with “Everfields“, and even though the track is good, to open the album with the 2nd longest track on your record (9:17, to be exact. The longest track is only 13 seconds longer) isn’t exactly a wise move, as you may lose impatient listeners right from the get-go. Luckily, if you listen to it all the way through or opt to skip it (shame on you!), then you are greeted by the stand-out track “Ego.”  The melodies are as epic as they are beautiful.  Omnium Gatherum definitely knows how to craft a song.  And craft an album, it seems, as this album is filler-free, so you’ll be enjoying this release the entire way through.

And if melody is your thing, then this may be your ultimate wet dream.  The way OG craft melodies is like Mozart creating a masterpiece, or Leonardo da Vinci creating the Mona Lisa.  To put it plainly: it’s definitely something that this reviewer will remember for a long time.

Production wise, this is a very clean, crisp album.  The guitar tone maintains a certain clean quality to it while retaining its heaviness.  Bass is rather prevalent in the mix, and vocal quality is fits in quite well.  And the drums, whilst not overly flashy, are produced amazingly.  This is just a very well mixed album in general.

Vocal tones range from harsh growls to clean vocals.  The harsh vocals are very reminiscent of Christian Alvestam‘s growls, and work well with the backing band, though it may take some adjusting to the style.  The clean vocals are absolutely great and have a sense of uniqueness to them.

Unfortunately, this album lacks in a key aspect: originality.  If you’ve heard Scandinavian melodeath (or melodeath in general, really), then you’ve heard this before.  Don’t get me wrong, each track has its own personality, but each track could easily be found on other albums (and even some of Omnium’s own records!).  However, if you’re new to the field of melodeath, or just looking for a standout album in the vast genre of heavy music, here’s your gateway.

Omnium Gatherum – New World Shadows Gets:


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