The ever-busy Hayato Imanishi of Cyclamen has been working away at his directorial debut for the track “Thirst“, from recent release Senjyu.

It features Mr. Imanishi in traditional Japanese garb. Is this the start of a new subgenre; samurai metal? That remains to be seen, but what doesn’t remain to be seen is the video itself; originally intended to be released tomorrow, but the main man got impatient, and so here it is!

The video also features ex-Periphery/Sky Eats Airplane drummer Travis Orbin, who is…well, anyone who’s been keeping up with his Cyclamen session videos will know the talent this guy has.


As a bonus, the first 200 downloaders can get an mp3 copy of the track for free from Cyclamen’s bandcamp here! Quality.

– CG

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