Something quite exciting appeared on my news feed last Thursday. It came via *shels, and consisted of the following words:

“New project featuring members of Rinoa, *shels, Mahumodo and Crydebris coming soon.”

Now, any one of those bands being name-dropped would have caught my eye, but all fucking four? This had to be investigated.

Luckily I didn’t even have to don my Deerstalker of Mystery (+5 Intelligence), as a handy sampler was also attached to the message, along with some details.

Ancients are the project in question, and features David Gumbleton and Matt Holden of Rinoa, Holden’s ex-bandmate in Crydebris Dan Hoang, and the almight Mehdi Safa who currently fronts *shels, and used to be in the legendary Mahumodo. Check it:


Initial recordings have been handled by Jonny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul, who is fast becoming the UK’s answer to Kurt Ballou. With this impressive line-up and production credits, as well as a swift wave of interest, I’m pretty excited to hear what will come from this.

You can read an interview with David Gumbleton conducted by RockSound here for a few more details.

– CG


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