Speaking of bands who were off the fucking deep end, eh? Mayhem, one of the most legendary and craziest of them all.  Known for, amongst other things, taking a picture of the remains of their singer (Dead) after he committed suicide with a shotgun and using  the image as an album cover.  The band also contained guitarist and mastermind Euronymous, who was stabbed to death by Burzum‘s Varg Vikernes. Oddly enough, this is Euronymous’s last album before his death and if I am not mistaken, Varg Vikernes plays bass on it. Got all that?

Anyway, this album deserves a spin if you are feeling adventerous.  Black metal played by people who really meant it. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is fast, misanthropic, and as bleeding raw as it gets.  One major issue of debate is the quality of singer Attila Csihar’s vocals.  Does he suck or is he awesome?  He definitely has an, uhhh…unconventional style that some people would understandably deem terrible.  I happen to think it fits the music pretty well, and I always appreciate a unique vocalist. Black metal is supposed to be like the anti-music, so just think of Attila’s vocals as the anti-vocal.  But whether you love or hate the vocals, definitely check this album out for the music alone.




– JB

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