Supposedly being their heaviest album yet (and judging by the teaser clips above, their best), Born of Osiris’ The Discovery is due out… you guessed it… March 22nd. Tesseract, Protest the Hero, and Born of Osiris drop on the same day. This is madness—Prog-Metal March madness.

BoO guitarist Lee McKinney comments, “I should start by saying this new album is heavier than anything the band ever released. We have moved onto seven strings and it couldn’t have complimented our sound any better. We brought back the ‘BOO-bounce’ on this one. It’s definitely a really fun and upbeat album. Also, the addition of our new guitar player, Jason Richardson, has increased the amount of shred on this album. There are some really incredible guitar solos on this album from the both of us. It takes the band to a whole new level of musicality. This album contains an awesome mix of our most heavy, most technical, most atmospheric and most beautiful melodies ever.”

Hopefully there are less face-palm inducing moments and pointless breakdowns (“FUCKIN’ BOW DOWN”) and more songwriting and tastefully pulled off technical showmanship, as McKinney promises. I’m sure they’ve grown since then. While A Higher Place was a step up from their debut album The New Reign, it was still a bit disappointing. If the majority of the album matches the music in the above clip, it will no doubt be their best work yet.

Once again, The Discovery is out March 22nd on Sumerian Records. I am optimistic!

– JR

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