Obscura‘s new song “Septuagint”, which will be featured on their upcoming third album Omnivium, has been posted this week and is available for streaming above. The 7-minute track is everything we’ve come to expect from the excellent German technical death metal group and more. It’s fast, it’s tight, it’s technical, and best of all it’s not monotonous. Monotony is probably my biggest complaint with a lot of tech death, but Obscura have thankfully avoided that trap with this song. Between the various clean sections, the blazing guitar solos, and everything else that you could hope to find here the music flows from start to finish without ever feeling stale. Awesome. Be sure to check this out if you’ve never heard these guys before, especially if you enjoy bands like Necrophagist (Obscura actually features a couple of ex-Necrophagist members), Decrepit Birth, or The Faceless.

Omnivium comes out on March 29th in the states, and on April 4th everywhere else, via Relapse Records.


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